Australian Red Meat industry Supply Chain Information Standards


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The first step in meat processing is the slaughter process. This process generally includes stunning and bleeding, immobilisation, rodding and seal the weasand, skin and hide removal and preparation and trimming and evisceration.

Slaughter diagram

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The slaughter process is carefully done to ensure that the animal is killed correctly and humanely and to increase efficiency. Cattle- The cattle to be slaughtered. Tools- Such as the knife. PPE and Hygiene- For cleanliness and health safety. Weigh in system- To weigh the cattle. Machinery- Such as the stunner.

Cattle- The amount of cattle. Head count. Tools- Number of. PPE and Hygiene- For cleanliness and health safety. Units of. Weigh in System- To weigh the cattle. Kilograms. Machinery-

Cattle Slaughted

Cattle Slaughtered- The number of head slaughtered. Head

* Approximately 7 million cattle are slaughtered a year. * Roughly 600,000 cattle per month.

* Meat Standards Australia * AUS Meat * Meat and Livestock Australia