Australian Red Meat industry Supply Chain Information Standards

Finishing - grass/pasture

Grass/pasture finishing means that the animal is allowed to feed on in a pasture on grass as opposed to grain. This is usually determined by which markets are being targeted by the livestock. For instance, markets where natural or organic meat is needed, the beef will be grass or pasture fed. Pasture finishing might also require feeding supplements for nutritional, efficiency and production purposes.

Finishing - grass/pasture diagram

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Cattle- the cattle to be fed. Grass- grass for the feed. Water- water

Cattle- the cattle to be fed. Head. Grass- feed. Water-water. Litre.

Cattle fed.

97-98% of Australian cattle spend most of their time on grass fed properties. Some are kept there to be fed only grass while other are sent to feedlots to be grain fed.

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