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Bulk transport

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Bulk transport is the transportation of by-products and hides to facilities for manufacturing products such as leather products, feed production, fertilizer and pharmaceutical products. Additionally, these products are exported and therefore transported to ports for export overseas.

Bulk transport diagram

Data flow diagrams

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The inputs of bulk transport are: Vehicle- The vehicles used for bulk transportation must be regulation, and be approved for the transport of animal products. Labour - To drive the vehicles and adhere to driving and transport standards. Fuel-For the vehicles to run. By products and Hides- The cargo.

Fuel- For vehicles to run. Litres. Cargo- The supply of meat products and co-products for transport. Kilograms. Labour- The workers who transport the goods. The number of drivers.

Product delivery- The main output is delivering the product successfully.

Goods delivered- The amount of goods successfully delivered. Kilograms.

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