Australian Red Meat industry Supply Chain Information Standards


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Beef hides is a valuable co-product therefore it is critical to process the hides carefully and efficiently. Beef hide can be sold and transported for further processing and manufacturing into footwear, luggage, furniture and the automotive industries.

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One the hide is removed, it goes through various stages of processing before it is sold and manufactured into collagen, gelatin and leather products. Co-product processing- The division of co-products and their allocation and distribution to further processing spaces. Labour- Employees needed. Tools- Such as knives. Machinery- Conveyor belts, and production lines. Water- Hot water for sterilisation and cleaning. PPE and hygiene- Tools for maintaining hygiene and safety. Power- For heating, running machinery.

Co-products- The actual hide. Kilograms Labour- Employees. Number of employees Tools- Tools for production and processing Units of item Power- Such as electricity. Various Water- Water use. Litres PPE and hygiene- Safety and Hygiene. Units of item

Hide to be sold- This hide can be transported and sold for profit.

Hide produced- The amount of hide produced in weight Kilograms

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