Australian Red Meat industry Supply Chain Information Standards

Food services

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Food service is the last stage of the beef cycle. It is the use of products for commercial use, cooked or prepared for consumers. Examples of this might be restaurants, fast food corporations like McDonalds and caterers.

Food services diagram

Data flow diagrams

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The inputs here are to run a venue for the distribution of meat products. Meat- The product. Venue- The business or distributor. Chefs/Cooks- Preparing the product for food service. Labour- The employees. Transport- Transport to distributor. Power- Such as electricity. Fuel- Such as gas.

Meat- The product. Cartons Venue- Venue costs- electricity, gas, water, materials. Watts, litres and units Labour- Employees. Number of employees Transport- Vehicle. Number of vehicles Fuel- For transport and power. Litres

Meat service

Meatr Sold- Cartons/Kilograms

This is dependent on the country.

This is dependent on the country.