Australian Red Meat industry Supply Chain Information Standards

Third party cold store

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These organisations receive exported meat products and provide storage until the meat is called onto the market or transported for further process or value adding processing. These storage facilities liaisons both transportation to and from the facility and maintain quality control and product integrity until distribution. Warehouses and cold stores will also provide logistics and stock in take and rotation.

Third party cold store diagram

Data flow diagrams

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Cold stores generally offer their clients a range of services involving stock rotation, logistics, maintenance and systems of identification. These inputs are what goes into these operations. Transport- To and from the facility- vehicles Power- To keep the cold store cool Machinery - For storage maintenance Labour - Employees to maintain supplies

Transport- Transport of stock. Number of vehicles Power - To maintain temperature. Various Machinery - To maintain stock. Number of units Labour - To maintain stock. Number of employees needed

Successful storage of meat

Meat stored- The amount of meat stored. Kilograms/Cartons

Depends on the country

Depends on the country