Australian Red Meat industry Supply Chain Information Standards


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Backgrounding allows livestock to become acclimatised before entering feedlots or finishing systems. This process minimises the impact that moving can have on the livestock and can increase feed intake and decrease the risk of health issues. If the livestock do not feel comfortable and be at ease, they will not be feed efficiently. This risk is increased when an animal is unfamiliar with feedlot feeding methods, such as feed bunks. Additionally, backgrounding can allow the livestock to build a healthy immune response to potential low level pathogens before being exposed to a larger number of animals with a greater risk of infection. Furthermore, backgrounding allows for vaccinations to be administered to reduce the risk of spreading contagions.

Backgrounding diagram

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There are a limited number of inputs to the backgrounding supply chain section. These generally are the livestock, the land where the graze, any feed supplements as well as any veterinary drugs that may be administered. Information on all of these inputs must be recorded by the producer.

Title Description More details
Cattle These are the cattle that are recived
veterinary drugs These are the vaccines and other drugs that the cattle receive For information on veterinary drugs look at the AVPMA website
Feed supplments

There are a range of measurement that related to the inputs to backgrounding. These include the source of the cattle (PIC and ownership), transport details, any vaccinations or other treatments that the cattle have undergone as well as the weight of the cattle. The general method for identifying a cattle is through the individual NLIS device attached to the cattle. There is likely to be a movement document such as a National Vendor Declaration and/ or way bill.

The outputs from backgrounding are cattle that have been prepared form finishing. There is information about each animal that should be made available to the next link in the supply chain. This information is normal passed forward on movement documents such as a National Vendor Declaration.

The regulatory bodies that apply to cattle backgrounding are dependent of the intended market. If the cattle are for the EU then

The industry bodies that are applicable for backgrounding are: 1. Cattle Council 2. MLA