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Value added

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Value adding is the process by which value is added by various methods of processing raw meat for the sake of profit. These processes range from simply cutting a piece of primal meat into steaks in a specific weight to the processing of meat for sausages. Value adding might also include the processing of offal and by products for sale. Adding Value is key aspect to increasing profit and efficiency.

Value added diagram

Data flow diagrams

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Inputs are the machines, and skills used to add value as well as the products being altered to add value. Meat products- The meat being used. Machinery- Used for adding value, such as making sausages or cutting the meat. Labour- Employees.

Meat products- The amount. Kilograms. Labour- Employees. Number of employees.

Altered meat product- This new product has had value added

Altered Meat product- The porduced amount- Kilograms

80% of the total carcass value is extracted from 40% of the carcass weight through value adding

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