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Cold store

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Cold store and refrigeration is vital for safe, hygienic and quality purposes. Cold storage has a direct impact on efficiency and profitability. A successful cooling and storing system prevents excessive power, weight loss and maximises profit.

Cold store diagram

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Given that the cold storage, in this case, is onsite, it means that the inputs are also the costs of running the cold store, the managing of products inside and quality control. Power- Such as, electricity to run cold rooms. Storage machinery- This might be machinery for rotation. Maintenance- Rotation of stock, inventory, maintaining facility. Labour- Workers to manage the storage.

Power- Electricity to run the cooling system. Watts/day/week/month/year Labour- Managing the storage space. Number of workers needed.

The output of the cold storage is the ability to store meat products for up to two years efficiently while also minimising running costs. Safely Stored meat-

Meat Stored- Number of units of meat stored

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