Australian Red Meat industry Supply Chain Information Standards


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Breeding is the process in which animals are produced with a specific goal. These goals are critical to define in order to meet needs of a producer for purchase. The market for which the animal is needed must be considered so that traits and characteristics of the animal can be accounted for. These characteristics might be the breed or type or the fat depth of the animal.

Breeding diagram

Data flow diagrams

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Cattle- to breed. Experts and Veterinarians- to ensure the safety and wellbring of the cattle.

Cattle- Experts and veterinarians

Calves- to raise for beef production and breeding.

Calves- for beef production and breeding. Head.

The total number of cattle is decreasing each year in Australia. In 2010 Australia had almost 13 million cattle. In 2015, the total cattle in Australia has dropped by 500,000 cattle according to The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources- ABARES.

Australian Registered Cattle Breeds Association